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What are we doing?

MEDVILLE is an online platform where a user anywhere, anytimecould log-in to a website or their mobile device, upload their medical reports and images, and get their diagnosis reports analyzed. In conjunction with an immediate diagnostic review, patients could quickly get an appointment with at appropriate doctor at a treating hospital, while all their medical records and scans are transmitted seamlessly to the treating facility to allow for continuity of care

How are we doing it

Process of seeking out doctors, collecting/sending medical records/images, and paying for second opinion consultations are still served through antiquated manual processes handled by individual hospitals and doctors’ offices using disjointed contracted vendors and/or mailing of paper reports and CD scans. 

MEDVILLE seeks to disrupt this market with a scalable solution that will reduce costs to patients, hospitals and decrease the burden on doctors, while reducing second opinion response time

Experience 3A's

  • Accessibility: Online portal to connect patient-physician anywhere.  On-line Platform will provide patients worldwide with the fundamentals of an on-line medical information highway. MEDVILLE believes in empoweringpatients with relevant information accredited by medical association network.  

  • Automation: Be able to validate and directly import medical records/images from any data repository into hospital EHR systems, thereby minimizing any manual error intrusion, data loss, or delays in throughput 

  • A.I: Empowered decision making.  Through our advanced predictive models, physicians will have the ability to understand most common diseases, patient demographics, as well as stock inventory and manage logistics, which will allow them to be able to make effective medical decisions 


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